For 2024, an enhanced qualifying format will see Hypercar and LMGT3 classes feature two sessions each. Both classes will have a 12-minute qualifying followed by a 10-minute-long Hyperpole for the top 10 qualifiers that will decide the pole position winners.

This session is reserved for 10 best cars from the first qualifying practice session for each category which will determine the first 10 positions on the starting grid for each category.

Previously each class featured a single, 15-minute qualifying, with the Hyperpole format reserved only for round four of the FIA ​​WEC, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

If a car qualified for the Hyperpole does not complete any timed lapses during this session: except in special cases at the discretion of the panel of the stewards, it will be placed on the grid, behind the cars in its category which took part in the Hyperpolis.