Anthony Davidson’s Masters of Monza
Photo: WEC

Anthony Davidson’s Masters of Monza

Below is what official WEC TV commentator Anthony Davidson had to say about the latest FIA WEC round, the 6 Hours of Monza.

“What a race that was. A real roller-coaster!

“The 6 Hours of Monza was all about strategy and how it fell your way or didn't fall your way within the safety cars, full course yellows and pitstops. It ruined a lot of people's races but it also made a lot of people's races, depending on if you needed that vital splash of fuel in amongst one of those safety car full course yellow moments.

“That was really the story of the race, that sort of make or break situation. I think it says a lot that all us commentators stood up and commentated for the entire race. Usually we take a break, we sit down, the pace stalls a bit, and then we all you sort of fall into a rhythm of commentary. It was intense, and literally bounced from one to the other the whole way through. It was exhilarating!”

Hypercar – Jose-Maria Lopez

“For me, ‘Pechito’ was the driver of the whole race for me. He's had his ups and downs over his time at Toyota but he's always had speed. He's always had raw speed.

“In my opinion this was the best race he has ever put together in the FIA World Endurance Championship. He was exceptionally fast and was completely in control of every situation.  He made a huge gap on the competition, and for me he was the one that laid the foundations down for No.7’s ultimate victory. He was decisive in traffic when he needed to be. It actually looked so effortless for him the entire race.

“He was completely in the zone and he was an absolute joy to watch. He can be really proud of that race. He wasn’t just driver of Hypercar, he was driver of the day out of every category.

“I also thought Antonio Fuoco was great again. He has been fast and aggressive all season and I find him very impressive. Brendon Hartley was mighty in his stints again. A calm head after a few issues earlier but Brendon had a real never give up attitude and his drive was worthy of a champion in waiting.”

LMP2 – David Heinemeier Hansson

“You know what, for a moment because I didn't really look at the timing screens on who was driving the car, I just assumed Rasmussen started the JOTA car!

“I was genuinely shocked when I looked at the set and saw it was David Heinemeier Hansson at the wheel. With all due respect, holding his own against higher graded drivers around him so well was exceptional.

“He fought the United Autosports cars for as long as he could and gave a great account of himself. From the standpoint of silver drivers, he was superb so I have to take my hat off to David because he really put JOTA in a position to adapt to the strategy and make a run for the win.

“That's the best race I've ever seen him put together, so it was really great to watch him battling the with the pros around him. He had to really hold his nerve there and he did by taking the lead and then absorbing that pressure without going off or just losing big chunks of time. He did such a good job to get his first LMP2 win of the season. Fully deserved.

“You have to feel for Oliver Jarvis, Joshua Pierson and Giedo van der Garde. They just got shuffled out by the safety car and were really unlucky. They all drove brilliantly, but special mention to Pierson who pulled out a great buffer early on.

“Commiserations too to the No.31 WRT guys who just can’t buy any luck this season. They should have had a podium at Le Mans and then here they probably would have won before the engine issue they suffered. Their day will come through.”

LMGTE Am – Sarah Bovy

“Strangely the LMGTE Am class didn’t deliver its usual mega race and the big story really was the Corvette guys taking the title with two round to spare, something that is completely unheard of in the WEC!

“Dempsey Proton Porsche won the race and it was clear that Porsche did have a pace advantage here at Monza. Well done to Christian Ried, Julien Andlauer and Mikkel Pedersen for what they achieved. They executed a really stealthy race and made no mistakes, so they fully deserve the win.

“For me though Sarah Bovy again stood out. She did two stonking qualifying laps to get her second consecutive pole at Monza and she led away at the start and then clawed her way back to the front after the safety car shuffles. She was just brilliant again and she just gets better and better.

“It didn’t quite happen for the team in the race in the final two safety cars but they will win a race this season I am sure of it.The Kessel guys somehow came through to second and Alessio Picariello was blindingly fast again, so well done to him.

“Special mention for the GR Racing team, who took their second consecutive podium position. Mike Wainwright had one of his best races ever I felt, and of course both Riccardo Pera and Ben Barker were super quick and consistent as usual. They really deserve these results and if they keep up this momentum then you never know for that first category win.

“But of course, as I mentioned, the Corvette trio of Ben Keating, Nicolas Varrone and Nicky Catsburg took the big prize. To steamroller the opposition like they did and take the championship with two rounds left, and one of those being with extra points at Bahrain, is amazing!

“Well done Ben, Nicolas and Nicky. They have been truly incredible since the first lap of the season.”

By Anthony Davidson