How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 2: Filipe Albuquerque
Photo: WEC

How do WEC drivers celebrate Christmas? Part 2: Filipe Albuquerque

Continuing with our Christmas theme, has been busying speaking to various FIA WEC drivers to find out how they will be spending the festive season and what their Christmas traditions are.

Next in our series, we have United Autosports driver Filipe Albuquerque. Here’s what the Portuguese driver had to tell us…

1.     How will you be spending Christmas this year?

“Very relaxed at home with my family. Without any travelling at all… I cannot wait for that”

2.     Do you have any family traditions?

“Well, it’s a very simple tradition - the food, the get together with family, the presents. Nothing out of the ordinary or special really.”

3.     What do you eat on Christmas day?

“In Portugal we normally eat codfish, but I am not a big fan of codfish so, normally I eat “Leitão” which is a speciality from where I live. Leitão is Roast Pork.”

4.     What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

“When I was young it was the presents. Now as a father, Christmas is just another level of fun when we have kids. To see my kids and nephews opening their presents makes me really happy.”

5.     What has been your most memorable present?

“When I was young and the first Playstation came out. I was crazy about that and for Christmas my parents gave me and my brothers one. That was amazing.”

6.     If you could spend Christmas with two other WEC drivers, who would they be and why?

“Bruno Senna and Oliver Jarvis, I have a really good relationship with them. Since we were teammates in the past, I’ve always held that relationship.”

7.     You get a new car as a surprise Christmas gift… what is it?

“An Acura NSX. I drove that car this year in LA, and I was impressed with it.”

8.     Will you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

“Yes, I always have. I want to travel more with my wife and daughters, a little bit like how I did this year in Bahrain. I want to enjoy life more and to bring some friends to my races. And on the professional side to become a better driver. I know I am at a good level, but I want to do something unique, for example, to win Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans in the same year. I came close because I won Le Mans and Daytona in a row but then I missed Sebring…”

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