James Calado: “Key to a fast lap in Bahrain is being able to nail the middle sector”
Photo: WEC

James Calado: “Key to a fast lap in Bahrain is being able to nail the middle sector”

In the run-up to the Bahrain double-header, FIAWEC.com has been speaking to various drivers to find out more about the Bahrain International Circuit and some of their favourite memories racing there.

Next in our series is AF Corse Ferrari’s James Calado, below is what he had to say.

1. Tell us about your first experience of the Bahrain International Circuit? “My first experience was for GP2 in 2012. I just remember the extreme heat and opening my visor to the start lights to cool down was like a hot hair dryer being blown in my face!”

2. What’s your favourite memory from there? “That’s an easy one – my favourite memory is crossing the line to become World Champion in 2017.”

3. Do you have any preferred sections of the circuit – if so, where and why?The best section is probably the fast uphill right hander as it’s almost flat out for us in a GT car.”

4. What’s key to a fast lap at the Bahrain International Circuit?Key to a fast lap is definitely being able to nail the middle sector, there’s a fine line between braking too late and too early, but getting it right ultimately adds up to a lot of lap time.”

5.   What do you think will be the biggest challenges between the daytime 6 hour race this year followed by the day/night 8 hour race for the WEC double-header?I don’t think there will be any big challenges in the different conditions, I think the night is probably slightly easier than the day due to the cooler conditions but that’s about it. Obviously 8 hours is physically more demanding but we are prepared for that.”

Round five of the WEC – the Bapco 6 Hours of Bahrain – will take place on Saturday 30 October and the WEC season-finale - the Bapco 8 Hours of Bahrain - will be staged the following weekend (Saturday 6 November).