What the LMGTE Pro, LMP2 and LMGTE Am Class winners said...
Photo: WEC/Adrenal Media

What the LMGTE Pro, LMP2 and LMGTE Am Class winners said...

...after the 6 Hours of Fuji

Alessandro Pier Guidi – AF Corse No.51 Ferrari 488 GTE - 1st LMGTE Pro

“We are really happy about this race as it was very difficult and I stayed in the car for a long time. Physically it was not bad because of the conditions but mentally it was really difficult because you just couldn’t see anything and this was the main issue.

“The car was very good in the race and felt great and honestly we were quite surprised to be so competitive against Porsche as they are very quick in the wet. We leave Fuji after a great race and having got ahead in the championship so we are really happy.”

James Calado – AF Corse No.51 Ferrari 488 GTE - 1st LMGTE Pro

“At one point I actually didn’t think I was going to drive as there were no real opportunities for me to jump in the car so thing were a bit up and down. Despite all the Red Flags, Safety Cars and Full Course Yellows we were still, on speed alone, the quickest car today.  Alessandro did an amazing job and the move on the Porsche was a key point for the race itself.

“It is emotional for me as we had a daughter on Tuesday so this is dedicated to her and my family who have been looking after her while I have been away.”

Bruno Senna – No.31 Vaillante Rebellion Oreca-Gibson - 1st LMP2

“It was a tough race today and I am actually more tired today than when we won in a dry race at Mexico because it was very stressful. It was tough for us and there were many times we just couldn’t see where we were going.”

“The team did a good job and we pushed the strategy as much as we could and on a day like today it is a bit of a lottery and actually today I would be happy just to score points and for me it was good we could get everyone safely back home.”

Nicolas Prost - No 31 Vaillante Rebellion Oreca-Gibson - 1st LMP2

“For me I want to help Bruno and Julien win the Drivers' championship and it is also very important for the team. It was a very difficult race for everyone including Eduardo (Freitas – Race Director) but the weather was incredible as it came in and went away so fast from one lap to another.  We had good pace and made zero mistakes so in these conditions it really makes a difference.”

Julien Canal - No 31 Vaillante Rebellion Oreca-Gibson - 1st LMP2

“For me it was less stress today compared to my teammates as I knew that if I had to get in the car at the end that I would be up against Thomas Laurent (Jackie Chan DC Racing) and also Gustavo Menezes, so I knew if it continued it would be a very hard race.  In the end I am very proud of all the team including the engineers who did some different strategies to others and it works very well for the championship for us.”

Francesco Castellacci – No. 54 Spirit of Race Ferrari 488 GTE - 1st LMGTE Am

“It worked well for us and we are very happy to win here this weekend as it is the first race win for us. The start was not so easy but I managed to keep the tyres in good temperature and I would like to thank Michelin for giving us such a great tyre which really performed well.

“I quickly managed to bring the car up to second position and give to Thomas (Flohr) who did an amazing job and I am really, really impressed with that.”

Thomas Flohr - No. 54 Spirit of Race Ferrari 488 GTE - 1st LMGTE Am

“Obviously it is a great day for me as this is the first time I come and do the WEC and to win here in Japan, especially in such tough circumstances with the conditions is great as it was super tough.

“Keeping concentration was key as the conditions changed minute to minute and lap to lap. Race control did a great job with the right balance between red flag and Full Course Yellow. I felt mostly safe and everyone did a great job today and we are all going away from here with a great feeling towards Shanghai. Thank you to Ferrari for giving me my first win in the WEC.”

Miguel Molina – No.54 Spirit of Race Ferrari 488 GTE - 1st LMGTE Am

“I think all three of us have been quite close to taking a win this year but somehow we couldn’t do it. We are really happy and the team did an amazing job. Together as a team we are trying to improve and every single time we are getting more competitive.

“The conditions were really tough for us and also for the Race direction. The car was amazing under the wet conditions and we could see on Friday that we had a really good car and I managed to bring the car home and we can be happy and proud with what we did here this weekend as we were fast from the start.”