/ 08
The track of Shanghai China
16 turns
5.451 kms

In 2012 the season concluded at the Shanghai International Circuit with the first endurance race organised at global level in the economic capital of China. The tough and demanding circuit, with an impressive infrastructure, provides the perfect stage for the tens of thousands of Chinese fans who have turned out every year since. In 2017 there are no fewer than four cars registered under the Chinese flag in the WEC which will heighten interest further.



  • Track
  • 6 Hours of Shanghai China
  • Race 05 / 08
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WEC enjoys increased TV exposure at Super Season halfway point

WEC enjoys increased TV exposure at Super Season halfway point

The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) enjoyed a significant increase in TV exposure during the first half of its 14-month Super Season, with the opening five races seeing a 115 million increase in cumulative audience to 255 million.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Our warmest Chinese New Year greetings to all our Chinese fans and colleagues, especially all those with whom we work on the Shanghai round of the WEC and our own Jackie Chan DC Racing team which represents China so well on the world motorsport stage!

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