A Word from the Winners!


“After Brendon did a brilliant opening stint, obviously it was a pretty tight race with the Audis.

“I managed to pass Lucas, he caught up with some traffic with a spinning car. He had to go the long way around, I took the short way.

“I got in front and then at that point the No.8 was pretty strong and I had to be very concentrated to keep him out as long as we did.

“It worked out well and I had to keep our pace alive. He got me on the in lap but they I still followed him on the pit entry so we didn’t lose much.

“It was a really interesting race. The conditions were playing a part and I think we were lucky it didn’t get sunny because the Audis were strong when it got hot.

“It didn’t rain heavy enough because they have been a little quicker in the wet. We thoroughly deserved the win today on the No.1 car. Andrej drove awesomely in the No.7 but it was a hard race with very tricky conditions.

“Brendon was on fire, Timo had a tricky stint at the end and I am bloody rapt.”


“Our car was a dream to drive today. We got the set up perfect. We knew it was going to be cold at the end and the car came alive.

“There was a lot of talk about the track being very tight in the last sector but I think everyone dealt with it very well.

“Everyone in the GT or LMP showed a lot of respect and I really didn’t think it was as big an issue as what people thought it was going to be.

“I enjoyed the track a lot and I am very happy to be standing on the middle step again with Timo and Mark.

“We all said before the race that we knew it was going to be tight and whoever executed the best would stand on the top step and today that was us.

“We did a perfect race. In the middle Audi maybe had the right tyre on. It was a risky call for them to be on the slick intermediate.

“I’m very happy to be here – it was an awesome day.”


“The way it worked out at the end it was definitely not planned. We were in cruising mode but because we had a big lead but it shows how tricky it is. The race is never over until the flag and it was sportscars at its finest today.

“It was very close fight and I can just echo from Brendon and Mark said. The interaction between the classes went very well today. It was a tight circuit but it worked out very well.

“In the end the rain was shifting for the last 20 minutes and sector three was a bit wetter than the lap before and I made a small mistake.

“Luckily I got the car going again and I didn’t hit anything.

“Mark and Brendon did an awesome job today. How we prepared for the whole weekend was very good for Porsche with driving at this altitude with a new track.

“How the three of us worked together was awesome so I am very honoured to work with these two pros.

“With the pitstop issue it was just some confusion. We got a penalty for it but then we got going again, that’s motorsport.”