What the Drivers say after Nurburgring

Timo Bernhard – Porsche Team

“Neel took off (at the start). I could not keep the speed because this piece of carbon stuck in my tyre. Balance of the car was gone but once this was fixed, the car ran perfectly. We had a good balance. Car 18 had couple of issues so we were able to take the lead. Overall a very good day and a good race. There were lots of close races last year; we’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time. There were lots of close races last year. We are happy tonight.”

“I have to say it was a very enjoyable weekend, the crowd was incredible and I hope that Germany stays on the calendar for the WEC next yea, I think the fans deserve that.”

Mark Webber – Porsche Team

“When I first made the decision to continue racing after I’d finished in F1, it was a no-brainer to come and drive for Porsche because it is such a famous brand on and off track and for me to race with these guys it’s a real pleasure, the spirit in the camp is incredible. We are still quite a new team and we are still learning a lot every day.”

Andre Lotterer – Audi Sport Team Joest

“In the middle of the race, we had a strong car overall. We struggled most of the time with a lot of understeer but we can be happy to be on the podium. We need to make some changes and work harder. We can thanks our sister car who helped us out at the end.”

Matt Howson – KCMG

“We came here thinking it would be our weakest circuit, because its high-downforce, so credit to the engineers for moving the car along. It wasn’t comfortable, it was so physical and especially after full-course yellows, as I lost control of the car, and so did Richard. But great credit to the team, it was another fantastic performance from everyone.”

Richard Lietz – Porsche Team Manthey

“It was hard – not just for us but for everybody. It’s not easy around here with the gravel traps waiting if you make a mistake. That was the key – we controlled our pace a little towards the end but of course we are very happy with the end result, it was a great team effort this weekend.”