Winners Words!

The winning squad of Mark Webber, Timo Bernhard and Brendon Hartley spoke to the world's press after sealing their straight WEC victory and their second in succession at the challenging Circuit of the Americas last Saturday.

Here is what the triumphant trio said......

TIMO BERNHARD – Porsche Team

“We weren’t the quickest today but we maximized what we had and we always knew that in the hottest conditions that was going to be our weakest point.

“We knew that we could get closer as it got cooler. We joked after that race that the car didn’t know who was driving because everyone was on the same pace, same average lap time.

“Everything was fine but traffic was tough, especially in the first sector. We managed it well and Mark and Brendon drove really well and I’m very happy for the team

“One time we had to capitalize on the full course yellow but once it was dark we were closing the gap to one of the Audis.

“Endurance racing is never over and if you can do the perfect race then victories are always possible. This was one of the highest levels I’ve ever seen in endurance race and I know Lucas at the end was pushing.

“The team gave me the gap and I just tried to go with the flow with traffic and not make mistakes.

“I’m very happy and it is also a great birthday present for our boss Fritz who had his birthday yesterday.”

MARK WEBBER – Porsche Team

“I managed to have a pretty good first corner. Loic was very fair and then we settled down pretty quick after that.

“It became pretty evident that they were going to be pretty strong and that first hour they started on fresh tyres and we started on scrubbed.

“That was tactics that we knew were going to play out a little bit later in the race.

“We just tried to hang in there as best we could and the first hour was really tough for us – Romain and myself for car speed.

“The Audis disappeared and even the Toyotas were really quick today and they were right on us.

“All three manufacturers in the first few hours were pretty tight.

“I handed over and drove a bit later but it was just an incredible race in the end and this is probably the best victory we’ve ever had for car No.1 because we had to get everything perfect.

“They dropped the ball but we had to be there to capitalize on any door that was open.

“The level is very high and that is where it is at now. You need perfect days to win.

“That’s what Porsche did today and we did that on car No.1. Timo and Brendon drove awesome and it was a bloody good day.

“Our mechanics need a special mention because they had no sleep on Thursday night. In these temperatures their eyes are falling out their head – so this is a special victory for those guys.”


“It was pretty hot – that’s been mentioned a few times by everyone. Not just for us but for everyone, driver, mechanics, tyre guys out the back – it has been a hard week for everyone.

“For the whole team that was a tough race and to have such a faultless race that was pretty unbelievable.

“Audi was very quick today and we had the perfect race. Not one time off the track, not one mistake in the pit stops or strategy. That is what won us the race.

“The No.8 was a bit unlucky at times but we were there to pick up the pieces. It was an unbelievable effort from everyone at Porsche today.

“I’m really proud to win with these guys for the third time in a row.”

Photo by Adrenal Media